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Gaganachari Movie Review, Rating, and Star Cast

Gaganachari Movie Review

Gaganachari Movie Review: “Gaganachari,” a dystopian sci-fi mockumentary directed by Arun Chandu, stars brilliant actors Anarkali Marikar, Aju Varghese, Gokul Suresh, and Ganesh Kumar. Ajith Vinayaka Films produced the film, while Sankar Sharma created the soundtrack.

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Gaganachari Movie Release Date

The film “Gaganachari” opens in theaters on June 21, 2024.

Gaganachari’s Cast and Crew

“Gaganachari” stars Aju Varghese, Gokul Suresh, Anarkali Marikar, and Ganesh Kumar.

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Arun Chandu directed the film, which was produced by Ajith Vinayaka Films. Surjith S. Pai did the cinematography, while Sankar Sharma created the music. Ceejay Achu handles editing, Meraki does visual effects, while Sankaran AS and KC Sidharthan provide sound design.

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Vivek Ranjith (BreakBorders) provides subtitles, while Vishnu Sujathan handles sound mixing. Executive producer Krishand oversees the project, which also includes authors Arun Chandu and Siva Sai, art director M Bawa, costume designer Bucy Baby John, makeup artist Ronex Xaviour, and production controller Sajeev Chandiroor. Rahul Balu Varghese and Praveen Raj handle still photography, making “Gaganachari” an exciting addition to the sci-fi genre.

Gaganachari’s Users Reviews

Many people have commended the film for its aggressive filming style, which visually encompasses the whole film while also making it gorgeous and fascinating. Many people have applauded the major actors’ performances as well as the director’s presentation of the mockumentary, which avoided clichés.

A user wrote, “A bold and unprecedented endeavor from Mollywood, lead by a terrific Ganesh Kumar and ably assisted by Gokul Suresh and Aju Varghese. A new take on the sci-fi genre with a mix-up of mockumentaries set in a dystopian society that is expertly presented.”

Another one wrote, “A high conceptual film which sticks to its core and delivers an appreciable film. Humours have come out well with #GaneshKumar shining. The narration style is not everyone’s cup of tea though. If you like experimental films watch it.”

@SajinShrijith wrote, “So #Gaganachari, this brilliantly quirky, humourous sci-fi Malayalam mockumentary is releasing tomorrow. I loved it a lot, had reviewed it, and l hope it does well in theatres. We need to encourage such efforts, especially ones that pull off a lot with little budgets. Go watch.”

SmartBarani wrote, “A mockumentary movie set in a future 2050..the city with constant floods and alien invasion, fun and entertaining in most parts.. Aju vargese & Anarkali. The concept and film making of the movie was really good considering its budget though… some scenes are really good

The story progression falls flat .. pre-climax was less impressive and very okayish … Felt screenplay could have been little better with more ideas.. Overall a decent entertainer !! Rating : 3.25/5″

Gaganachari Reviews on Twitter

The most remarkable feature of Gaganachari is its world-building. While a Western imagination largely dominates post-apocalyptic landscapes in cinema, Arun Chandu creates a native landscape in which overgrown trees, serene backwaters, drowned stadiums, and abandoned paddy fields evoke an unsettling sense of danger that is relatable and not too far-fetched for Malayalis.

Surjith S Pai’s cinematography, together with Sankar Sharma’s soundtrack and Ceejay Achu’s edits (co-edited by Aravind Manmadhan), keep Gaganachari’s universe together and ignite suspense till the conclusion. The special effects are well-done, a surprising feat in an era when even massive star-vehicle pictures are burdened down by shockingly amateur computer-generated graphics (CGI).

More about Gaganachari

The sci-fi picture illustrates the humorous mayhem that ensues when an apartment occupied by three problematic bachelors transforms into a safe haven for an extra-terrestrial female fugitive. The narrative is set in a dystopian version of Kerala in 2040.
Anarkali Marikar, Gokul Suresh, Aju Varghese, K.B. Ganesh Kumar, and other actors play supporting parts in the sci-fi thriller.

Arun Chandu, the director of Dhyan Sreenivasan’s 2022 film Sayanna Varthakal, directed the film, while Surjith handled the cinematography. S. Pai is well known for the 2021 documentary Dreaming of Words.

Disclaimer: This review was not paid for or commissioned by anyone associated with the film.

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